Waterways of the Humber

Waterways of the Humber

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


 There's much to see

Welcome to the rivers and canals of the Humber area, and the upper reaches of the estuary itself.  These waters are varied in type, size, history, and current usage  -  but they are all linked and visiting them offers a wide diversity of scenes and subjects.
We thoroughly enjoy these waterways, and their variety never wanes.  The years of the creation of the canals covers the widest range in the UK  -  the rivers before them all differing in their geography, histories and present day use.
We hope that, via this blog, you will join us in exploring the Waterways of the Humber.
Christine and Malcolm Richardson



  1. You've missed the River Hull and Driffield canal off the map! :-)

    1. Well spotted. I set out to have the map show the blog's waterways coverage, which is downstream as far as the area near the Humber Bridge, so it doesn't include the River Hull and the Driffield. But then it didn't show where in the country it all is (allowing for southerners - I know for I am one!) So I included Spurn Point and the coast. I'll put a box in the map around the coverage area to clarify matters. Thanks Patrick.